Prime Minister Albanese Plans to Keep Election Promise on Tax Cuts

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made a promise during the May election and has repeatedly verbalised in interviews that his position will not change. The prime minister keeps his word to provide voters with the integrity they wish to see in politics.

“I know I keep getting asked in different ways the same question, but the answer is the same. We haven’t changed our position,” notes Albanese when asked if he will be amending the stage three tax cuts.

The Morrison government introduced the stage three tax plan in 2019. The plan removes the 37% tax rate, allowing Australians with income between $45,000 and $200,000 to take home 70 cents for each dollar they earn. 

The plan also removes the $120,000 to $180,000 tax bracket. This will cost around $243 billion spread across ten years when they come into effect in July 2024 and is expected to benefit higher-income earners.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton mentioned in an interview that the planned cuts were in three stages. The first two stages were designed to target middle-income earners, while the third stage was designed for those with higher incomes.

In his review with ABC’s Insider, Dutton notes the opposing sides of the prime minister and Treasurer Jim Chalmers. And the previous week’s discussion showed the treasurer’s inexperience. The opposition leader notes that the Labour government’s position could still change. 

Dutton also boldly stated, “This is not an issue now about tax cuts; it’s about whether you can trust Anthony Albanese and the Labour party. It seems he’s still contemplating that sometime between now and the next election. I think that would be an unforgivable and ridiculous mistake.”

Despite this, Albanese and the other ministers stuck to their point that the government’s position has not changed, refusing to rule out possible paring back the tax cuts at subsequent budgets before it is rolled out.

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