Private Australian-Owned Space Company Invites PM Albanese to Launch Eris Rocket

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An Australian venture-based space company invited Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as it formally unveiled its first-ever Australian home-grown orbital launch vehicle.

Gilmour Space Technologies, a local Australian space company, welcomed the nation’s prime minister last 17 May when it publicly unveiled its first Australian-made space rocket in their Gold Coast factory named the Eris rocket.

The rocket will be the first orbital launch attempt from a commercial Australian launch site. If successful, it will make the country the 12th nation in the world to have access to the technology, which will be proudly constructed locally.

Adam Gilmour, CEO of the company, noted that “Australia must have its sovereign launch and satellite technologies if we are serious about growing our capabilities in defence, communications, and advanced manufacturing. Gilmour Space is at the leading edge of these technologies. Only 11 nations have launched their rockets into orbit, and our efforts will help to build a significant dual-use capability for Australia.”

The Eris rocket will be the first in the world to have a hybrid engine, combining solid and liquid fuels. Developed entirely by the company, the rocket will use a combination of liquid oxidiser and a proprietary solid fuel and is expected to produce 115 kilonewtons of efficient combustion.

This means the rocket is cheaper, safer and greener, aligned with the country’s thrust to be net zero by 2050. And as the company is venture-based, it may attract investors as it is also pursuing sustainability.

According to Prime Minister Albanese, the company’s success will propel the country to join the race in space. It will also allow for jobs to be created, adding to the increasing number of jobs generated in the country and helping the economy improve.

The PM added, “When this rocket enters space, it will carry 300 companies. Australia will become the 12th country in the world to have access to this technology – designed, manufactured and built right here and creating high-quality jobs.”

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