Radiation Alert! Australian Mining Company Responsible for Dangerous Device Loss

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An Australian mining company has reported the loss of a dangerous device that emits radiation, leading to an alert in the surrounding area.

The public has been put on high alert after a mining company misplaced a radioactive device in Western Australia, prompting authorities to investigate the roads for its location.

On January 10th, reports from The Associated Press suggest that a capsule had disintegrated off of an oncoming truck while it was being shipped to Perth from the mine.

During a Friday press conference, Western Australia’s chief health officer implored the public to stay away from the capsule, which could be found somewhere between Perth and Newman – a span of 870 miles.

Dr Andy Robertson, Chief Health Officer, urgently advises anyone driving on the Great Northern Highway between two cities since January 10th to inspect their tires as a precautionary measure in case the device may have been embedded within them.

The Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services warned that coming into contact with the object could cause health problems. However, it noted that the item is not capable of being weaponised. Nonetheless, caution must still be exercised when dealing with it.

Containing caesium-137, the device produces a dangerous level of radiation equivalent to receiving 10 X-rays within an hour. Prolonged exposure can cause significant skin burns and even cancer in some cases, according to the Associated Press. Therefore it is imperative that any handling of this object be done with extreme caution and care.

“This particular device emits both beta and gamma rays, so if you stay too close for too long, you risk skin damage such as burns. Prolonged exposure could even lead to acute radiation sickness—we recommend people not go near it or keep it in their possession,” Robertson said.

Simon Trott, the Chief Executive Officer of Rio Tinto Iron Ore, expressed deep regret for endangering the public and declared that his company takes this matter seriously.

“We are deeply sorry for the panic and distress this has evoked in Western Australia. In addition to cooperating with competent authorities, we have commenced our investigation to uncover how the capsule went missing during transit,” Trott said.

The Western Australia DEFS continued locating the capsule, scanning the roads along the Great Northern Highway used by haulage trucks for signs of radiation.

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