Rebel With A Cause—Elvis Was An Early Disruptor, According To A Young Rich Lister

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Aaron Hornlimann believes that the King of rock’n’roll wasn’t afraid to stand out and act radically different from others.

At only 35 years old, Aaron Hornlimann has already accomplished a lot. He is the co-founder and chief executive of Elenium Automation and has a net worth of $40 million. This wealth puts him at No.95 on the 2022 Young Rich List.

As a teenager, he was fascinated with the King of rock’n’roll – Elvis Presley. Unlike most other fans at the time, Aaron wasn’t content to listen to Elvis’s music and watch his performances on TV. Instead, he wanted to learn more about the man behind the persona – his rebellious nature and his ability to think and act differently from everyone else.

Aaron discovered that Elvis wasn’t just a talented musician and performer but also an early disruptor. He challenged existing norms and conventions, embracing new technology like television and exploring non-traditional musical genres. And he inspired millions of fans to do the same, challenging them to be bold and take risks.

This is precisely what Aaron has done with Elenium Automation. He has built a successful robotics business that caters to existing needs and pushes the boundaries of innovation, disrupting traditional methods and finding new ways to solve problems. And he hopes that his company will continue to inspire others, just as Elvis did all those years ago.

“Elvis was a rebel with a cause – an early disruptor who challenged existing norms and inspired others to do the same,” says Aaron. “And I believe this is exactly what Elenium Automation aims to do.”

Looking ahead, Aaron Hornlimann wants to expand his robotics business and continue disrupting the automation industry. He hopes that Elenium will change the way businesses do things and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs who are unafraid to challenge the status quo. 

After all, as Elvis once said, “the people never have the power – they only think they do.” And that is something that Aaron Hornlimann is determined to change.

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