Renowned Entrepreneur Peter Barber Takes to the Skies: Singapore’s Rooftops Become His New Business Frontier

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Peter Barber, one of Australia’s wealthiest entrepreneurs and recently featured in the AFR Rich List, is literally taking his business ambitions to new heights by expanding into Singapore’s rooftops.

An experienced video editor and producer, Peter Barber is well-acquainted with meeting deadlines. However, the 52-year-old Australian faced a different kind of challenge last year. He embarked on a groundbreaking project with his team in Singapore—a hybrid rooftop farm. After completing the construction on June 30, they had a deadline until the end of October to demonstrate to the Singaporean government their ability to cultivate 200 tonnes of leafy greens and herbs annually.

“With a mere four months at our disposal, we faced the challenge of setting up the site, resolving issues, and achieving maximum production. Considering the six to eight-week timeframe from seed to harvest, we had only two cycles to ensure success. Internally referred to as “Project Moonshot,” the endeavour felt comparable to constructing a rocket and accomplishing a flawless lunar landing on the initial attempt.

“Fortunately, the exciting update is that those incredibly demanding hours are now behind us. Nowadays, as I visit the farm daily, we have the opportunity to explore new concepts, diversify our produce, and relish the gratifying experience of collaborating with fellow Singaporeans in cultivating food for the nation,” enthused Peter Barber.

Six years ago, Peter Barber made a significant pivot in his career, choosing to depart from Blackmagic Design, the video technology powerhouse he co-founded and continues to co-own. This transition into rooftop hydroponics represents a return to a part of his childhood that he despised.

“I was born in Melbourne, but during my primary school years, we relocated to Stanhope, a small town near Shepparton, where we settled on a small farm. Additionally, we used to assist the neighbouring larger farm, spending our weekends milking cows and picking strawberries, among other tasks. I loathed it.”

“As soon as I received an opportunity to work in Melbourne, I seized it and left that life behind.”

At 17, Peter left school a year early and embarked on his journey with Armstrong’s Audio Visual Australia as a tape operator. Little did he know the extraordinary success that awaited him in video editing, production, sales, and business development.

His ownership of 28% in Blackmagic holds a value of $728 million, enabling him to debut on this year’s Rich List at the 184th position. While receiving dividends from the privately owned company, Barber focuses on his investments in Singapore, which include the urban farming project, ComCrop.

Nowadays, Barber shares his video endeavours on YouTube through his father’s Simple Meals channel, which serves as a platform to promote ComCrop’s assortment of leafy greens and herbs. The farm is located five floors above ground in an industrial building in Woodlands, close to the causeway that connects Singapore and Malaysia.

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