Report Highlights Australia’s Progress in Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

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Diversity and inclusion efforts in Australia have made significant progress in recent years, according to a new report.

Although many job seekers are interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies, the attention on these initiatives in Australian organisations may be less prominent this year. Nonetheless, Australian organisations are still leading the way in this area.

The information presented is from Randstad Enterprise’s 2023 Talent Trends Report. The report surveyed over 900 C-suite and HR leaders in 18 markets, including Australia.

As per the report, 90% of business and HR leaders in Australia stated that they had incorporated DEI in their talent strategy, which is higher than the worldwide average of 81%.

According to the findings, 78% of respondents consider DEI to be of utmost importance for their workforce, whereas an additional 68% believe that DEI benefits businesses.

There has been an improvement in employers’ opinions about the impact of DEI programs in 2021 compared to a previous Robert Half study. In that study, 42% of businesses reported increased diversity thanks to DEI, while 41% reported no impact on their diversity levels.

Randstad Enterprise’s research showed that despite the reported benefits of DEI, 46% of the respondents believe it will be outside their top priorities for the year.

The Talent Trends Report by Randstad Enterprise has found that the highest percentage of respondents, 42%, have identified the scarcity of skilled workers as a significant challenge for their businesses. This is the highest percentage recorded in the report’s history.

Randstad’s 2023 Workmonitor has revealed that deprioritising DEI will make it less likely for job seekers to approach them.

The report highlighted that 44% of job seekers in Australia would not be interested in working for a company that does not prioritise diversity and equity practices. Additionally, 50% of respondents said they would quit their job if they did not feel included in the workplace.

Anthea Collier, APAC Managing Director of RPO & MSP and interim Country Head of Australia at Randstad Enterprise, suggests employers should improve their DEI strategies to attract skilled individuals and stand out in a competitive market.

“This is the right time to integrate your DEI strategy into your organisation’s talent infrastructure and blueprint, especially when your competitors might be reducing budgets. Doing so will enable you to recruit from a more diverse talent pool and overcome talent shortages, ultimately leading to better retention and output outcomes.” Collier said in a statement.

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