Respecting a Pioneer in the Business World: James Packer and Lloyd Williams Pay Tribute to David Hains

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Two of Australia’s most successful businessmen, James Packer and Lloyd Williams, recently paid tribute to the late David Hains, who pioneered the Australian business world.

David Hains, Melbourne billionaire, leaves lasting legacy at 92

The late David Hains, a Melbourne billionaire who passed at 92 on Sunday morning, left an impactful legacy in his business and personal life. Numerous Rich Listers recall him fondly as someone whose long-lasting success was self-made yet accompanied by a kindhearted personality.

A beloved engineer, entrepreneur, investor and racehorse owner will be profoundly missed by Lloyd Williams – a golf buddy and a peer in the horse racing industry.

“After a treasured friendship of over sixty years and heavy reliance on his guidance in my life and career, I have now sadly lost an irreplaceable companion,” Williams said.

The billionaire James Packer paid homage to Hains, who had maintained a strong bond with Kerry and his son for many years.

“Not only did David Hains make a name for himself as an outstanding investor, but he was equally well-known for his generous and kind nature,” Packer said.

Tributes have been pouring in from horse racing fans and the Racing Victoria organisation. They celebrate Hains’ remarkable feat of owning a three-time Cox Plate champion, Kingston Town, and 1990 Melbourne Cup winner Kington Rule.

Stephen, the eldest son of Hains, expressed that his father’s passing felt like a turning point in time.

“The tragic passing of our father has taken away a great asset to Melbourne’s commercial world,” he said.

“He’s one of the few remaining members of that post-war business crew who shaped and moulded this place.”

On Monday, January 9th, Hains visited Portland House Group’s 8 Collins St headquarters on his last visit. His presence left Stephen shocked and ready to manage the company’s bond and derivative portfolios efficiently.

“That weekend had been particularly tough for him, so when my assistant phoned to inform me that “your Dad’s in “, I was astonished,” said Hains, who, along with his brothers Richard and Michael, joined their father at Portland House in 1987, shared that the family’s wealth was estimated to be a whopping $2.9 billion by last year’s edition of The Financial Review Rich List.

“It was a testament to the strong work ethic he imbued in us all… As always, Michael and I joined him for lunch on Monday morning, where we discussed current affairs, politics and various people. It gave me great pleasure that he had a final moment in his cherished office – an environment so essential to who he was as a person.”

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