Rich Lister Tony Denny Turns to Agriculture, Backs RLF Agtech in Lucrative Move

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Former car merchant and real estate developer, Tony Denny, has set his sights on agriculture as the next chapter in his successful entrepreneurial journey. 

Having amassed his wealth through car trading in Europe, Tony Denny, an accomplished horticulturist, now actively supports ASX-listed agricultural powerhouse RLF Agtech. 

Recognising the importance of expanding food production, Denny highlights the significant role of “intelligent” crop nutrients.

While already owning a small rural retreat in New South Wales, Denny sees RLF as his prime agricultural investment. Intrigued by the potential to enhance yields and soil fertility, he envisions abundant opportunities for farmers to tap into new revenue streams through carbon credit initiatives.

RLF: Sprouting Success in Asia, Rooted in Perth’s Revolutionary Crop Tech

Since its listing in April last year, RLF has been making impressive strides in Asian markets, including establishing a manufacturing facility and a workforce of 120 in Henan, a Chinese province located about 700 kilometres southwest of Beijing.

Operating from Perth, RLF takes pride in its homegrown crop nutrition technology, renowned for boosting productivity and quality while reducing reliance on bulk fertilisers. This cutting-edge technology also enhances moisture retention in root systems, ensuring optimal plant health.

Leveraging his connections in Eastern Europe from his previous used car business, Denny is dedicated to assisting RLF in securing sales to significant players and smaller farming enterprises.

Denny’s success story is emblematic of Australian triumph, having sold his Prague-based car dealership to Polish private equity firm Abris Capital Partners for a staggering $320 million in 2014. Since then, he has ventured into property development and non-bank lending, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the business and finance sectors.

“At a global level, sustainability and food security are critical issues for all individuals and a nation. The fact that RLF is an important Australian R&D and export success story also struck a strong chord with me,” he remarked.

Cultivating Success Across Asia’s Fields, Branching Out to Australian Grain Giants

Ken Hancock, CEO of RLF, reveals that their clientele comprises a diverse mix of wheat, rice, corn, cotton, and soybean growers and livestock producers seeking enhanced pastures.RLF has garnered significant success in the Asian market, catering to various agricultural clients. 

For instance, one of their prominent Asian customers manages an impressive 138,000-hectare cotton plantation. RLF has set its sights on substantially impacting large-scale Australian grain production operations, with a boost from carbon credits.

Mr Denny found RLF’s foray into carbon credits, which occurred after his investment, to be “exceptionally fascinating.”

“In reality, nearly all Australian broadacre farmers have the potential to participate in carbon credit generation, which is an immense advantage for the agricultural sector and the nation,” Mr Denny concluded.

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