Rich Man’s Secret: Why You Should Be Spending More On Toothpaste

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Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic, both young rich listers, have found what could be this generation’s new “smashed avocado”. With high hopes of selling large quantities, they believe it has the potential to create a whole new wave of wealth.

This year’s Young Rich List features two Gold Coast entrepreneurs shaking up the toothpaste industry. These innovators have an estimated net worth of $125 million each and are making a dent in the market with their unique products.

They are launching smaller tubes of toothpaste priced at $13 each, four times more expensive than Colgate’s on-sale price.

“Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic from Hismile want to make their oral care company the biggest one on Earth,” said Paul Harris, Director of Business Development at Hismile.

The secret to their success, they say, is creating high-quality products that focus on quality rather than quantity. This has resonated well with consumers, who are tired of being inundated with endless options and cheap gimmicks.

“We want to offer a product worth buying,” said Nik. “People are sick of being ripped off by big corporations and looking for something that actually makes a difference.”

This month, Coles started selling their Hi by Hismile toothpaste range as part of a deal the pair cut with supermarket giant Coles. Later this year, they plan to expand into other retailers to double revenue in the next 12 months.

“Our market is 7 billion people brushing their teeth, so we said let’s build the best toothpaste formula to address the problem of those only brushing for one minute,” Tomic, 29, says.

Despite the expensive price tag, Nik and Alex are confident that their products will continue to gain traction in the marketplace. With their innovative approach and a strong focus on quality, they will become a household name among toothpaste enthusiasts.

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