Rising Energy: Introducing N-Type HJT Technology to Australia

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Risen Energy, an Australian-based solar energy company, is making waves with its pioneering n-type HJT technology. This cutting-edge solar cell technology is transforming how Australia produces and consumes energy, allowing households and businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective in their electrical usage.

N-type HJT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer) solar cells are composed of two types of silicon, n-type and p-type. These two layers form a junction that enables the creation of electrons and holes when sunlight is exposed, generating electricity. This technology is far more efficient than other solar energy production as it can convert up to 25% of the energy from incoming sunlight into electricity.

The main advantage of n-type HJT solar cells is that they require no active cooling, which makes them much more cost-effective and convenient for home and business owners in Australia. This means that even during the hottest parts of summer, these cells will still perform at optimal efficiency levels.

Risen Energy is the first company in Australia to utilise this technology and has dedicated significant resources and investment towards making it mainstream. The company is producing high-efficiency solar cells at its manufacturing facility while also working with partners to expand distribution across the country. These efforts have already seen a significant increase in households and businesses that now have access to n-type HJT solar cells. 

Archie Chen, CEO of Risen Energy Australia, says, “I can say that significant progress has been made in the Australian market since we began to seriously explore it in 2008. One of the achievements I would point to, first and foremost, is a strong brand presence by building up a large local team. From that foundation, we’ve developed a solid distribution channel, and we’ve fostered key partnerships with our distributors and local retailers.”

Chen is glad to see how the company is considered the leading brand in PV manufacturing. Merredin Solar Farm shows how excellent the company is regarding large panels. 

By taking this revolutionary technology mainstream, Risen Energy is helping to ensure a brighter energy future for all Australians. The company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation has already seen impressive results, and it is expected that these results will only improve as the technology develops further. 

“In the utility sector, REA will be focusing on the project development of battery energy storage systems (BESS), hybrid projects, and other renewable opportunities. We already have 1 GW of projects in our pipeline, which is still growing. “Chen answered how he sees the company five years from now.

This is an exciting time for Australia, and Risen Energy has set a great example of how businesses can help promote renewable energy solutions. With n-type HJT solar cells becoming more accessible than ever, it’s only a matter of time before the technology becomes an integral part of Australia’s energy infrastructure.

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