Sad News: Property Developer and Rich Lister Who Built His Fortune Passes Away at 47

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Jonathan Hallinan, the developer of the Shadow Play skyscraper in Melbourne, passed away at the age of 47 following a struggle with cancer.

The founder of BPM, a construction and development group, passed away on Thursday at Royal Melbourne Hospital despite his cancer diagnosis that required a bone marrow transplant in 2021. Friends reported that he was active in making deals until the end of his life.

After Mr Jonathan Hallinan was diagnosed, his partner Mikka became his full-time carer. They both decided that Mikka and a group of Mr Hallinan’s closest colleagues would run the BPM in his absence. Mr Hallinan encouraged Mikka to be an “active partner” in BPM. They have been together for six years and got married last year.

“Jonny was an exceptional person who constantly pursued his dreams. Even after achieving them, he continued to aim for greater heights,” she said.

As a child, Mr Hallinan began his entrepreneurial journey by running a lemonade stand. After completing his carpentry apprenticeship, he bought his first property at 19. In 1995, he established BPM, which comprised a portfolio of construction projects totalling more than $1 billion, including residential, office, hotel, and the Ironside construction offshoot.

Mr Hallinan’s reduced activity due to his cancer diagnosis and the COVID-19 pandemic caused him to miss being included in the 2022 Financial Review Rich List by a small margin.

In 2021, he was ranked 147th and had a fortune of $735 million. Mikka Hallinan said her husband’s successful business ventures aided him during his cancer battle. His optimistic nature, a common trait among accomplished property developers, also supported him.

“Chronic cancer battles often entail frequent near-death experiences that become routine, leaving little room for reflection on their life-changing nature, which people commonly discuss,” she said.

“Despite the doctors constantly offering their opinions, Johnny remained determined. He would pick up the opinions which offered a “little star of hope” and carry them on his back as he pushed forward.”

Mikka and three children from Mr Hallinan’s previous marriage to Fleur Knowles – 15-year-old twins Archer and Estelle and 13-year-old son Hudson – are left behind after his passing.


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