Sayonara, South West Businesses – Lack of Staff Reaches Critical Mass

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The shortage of workers in WA has become an overwhelming burden for some businesses, leading to restaurants and cafes shutting down in rural areas.

In recent years, regional towns have needed help staffing nearly every industry. Securing employees in Western Australia’s hospitality, retail and agricultural industries has been arduous.

Despite the hard times, Parminder Singh has kept his Boddington cafe operating – even on public holidays. However, he sadly announced this Sunday that his doors would close for good after a long and challenging journey.

“For the past 425 days, I have never closed my business – not even on public holidays like Easter and Christmas. We are always open!” Mr Singh said.

“My manager is exceptionally proficient and works hard to ensure that opening and closing procedures are easily handled. She even helps my nephew stay on top of it all!

“But, how long can they keep up with independent work? I need an additional team to help.”

Mr Singh asserted that keeping and recruiting staff was a relentless challenge when contending with the mines in Boddington and employment and educational prospects in Perth.

“Despite my best efforts, I feel let down by this city,” he said.

“I purchased my own home here to offer as lodging for employees and am making every effort to fill it with personnel from Perth.

“Both mining sites and the shire are short-staffed, eager to hire talented individuals.”

This closure is yet another hit for Mr Singh, who had to shutter his business in Cranbrook the year prior due to a lack of employees.

It is a sad day for the businesses of rural WA as yet another closes its doors due to staff shortages. Here’s hoping this trend will reverse soon and Mr Singh can find the personnel he needs to keep his business going. Until then, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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