Seasoned Agents Brought A Vast Knowledge Base To The New Paradise Business

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With the support of a successful business model and their strong six-member sales and administrative team, Nick Borrelli and Jason Spagnuolo strive to scale up their company’s operations into property management and finance.

With his extensive experience in real estate, Nick Borrelli saw opening a business as the logical next step. To make this dream come true, he joined forces with Ray White Norwood proprietor Jason Spagnuolo to launch Ray White Paradise – what better way to start fresh?

For the past eight years, this duo has cultivated a strong partnership that began with them collaborating in sales and has since advanced to fostering their leadership abilities while encouraging young sales specialists.

“I have been cultivating my team for the last four years, and I find great joy in coaching and aiding others. Consequently, starting my own business felt like a natural move forward.” Mr Borrelli said.

“Jason and I have had an incredibly successful collaboration, resulting in significant growth for both of us.

“This level of faith and encouragement is crucial in ensuring our continued growth and success.”

Backed by a tried-and-true business model and an experienced team of six in sales and administration, the two entrepreneurs have big plans to expand their venture into real estate management and finance.

Mr Spagnuolo is determined to drive organic progress within the organisation and foster a work setting that he and his team can be truly proud of.

“Our managed training, dedicated support and advanced infrastructure have all been established to push boundaries and achieve even greater results continuously. I am truly delighted to see our team thrive in this new era!” he said.

“We are devoted and enthusiastic about taking root in the northeastern community; it’s where we both grew up and shaped us into who we are today.

“Our aspiration is to be recognised for our exemplary service and success in Adelaide, as the potential there is tremendous.”

The founders are determined to establish a strong presence in their northeast suburb and grow the company into a leading market player.

“We want to be known for our premium service, outstanding results and excellence in customer care,” Mr Borrelli added.

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