She Traded In Her Corporate Job For A Side Hustle, Which Paid Off Big Time: This Woman Is Now A Millionaire

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A visionary woman from Melbourne, Australia, decided to take a risk and break away from her day job – the result? She’s now living life as a millionaire.

Through drop shipping, 27-year-old Emma Cunningham has gained impressive profits by connecting manufacturers to customers without a retailer.

Disillusioned with her mundane job, Ms Cunningham decided to take a new route and try running an online store through Amazon in 2019. With her mentor’s assistance, she leveraged this side hustle into leaving her full-time job after only a few months – realising that there is more than just “climbing the corporate ladder”.

Ms Cunningham was once employed by Centrelink, an Australian service provider that offers financial assistance to those in need. But she has since followed her passion for dropshipping and turned it into a full-time job. She beams with excitement when talking about the success of her venture.

Although the job carries a bit of controversy, it’s undeniable that dropshipping presents excellent potential. Ms Cunningham reaped the rewards when she became a millionaire not long after beginning this venture. To reach such heights, she dedicated time and effort to researching how selling products on Amazon could become her full-time career.

At the age of 24, Ms Cunningham enrolled in classes and sought out a mentor to help her understand the market. Subsequently, she created a dropshipping store to sell pet products directly to customers. 

Being an animal enthusiast, she realised how much people were willing to spend on their beloved pets; hence, she chose dog owners as her primary target demographic for this business venture.

My target customer was dog owners; I focused on the fact that pet owners – myself included – spend money on making sure pets have everything they need,’ Emma said.

I now sell a wide variety of different products based on market demand and what has the best profit margin. My focus is selling good quality products and making as much money as possible from each sale.” Ms Cunningham added. 

From the beginning, Ms Cunningham created daily aims for herself, including attaining $1,000 (£568) daily. Her ambition soon escalated, and she could make $25,000 (£14,199) daily and up to half a million dollars ($500,000/£283,990) per month.

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