Shell We Dance? The Paspaley Family Strikes Gold With An $8 Million Hidden Gem Purchase

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The Paspaley family have been going for gold with their latest purchase and struck 8 million dollars. 

After selling her Bellevue Hill mansion for a whopping $16.75 million, Christine Bracher – creative director of the esteemed Paspaley pearling dynasty – opted to downsize and purchased an abode in Paddington worth $8.01 million this week.

Bondi Beach Penthouse on the Market

This residence, designed by architect Espie Dods and consisting of a 380 square metre block, was sold off-market by Ben Collier from The Agency. However, don’t let its unassuming facade fool you; this 40-year-old house fetched an impressive sum! 

Set on a cul-de-sac laneway behind the small frontage; it’s no surprise why this place is one of the suburb’s grand Victorian terraces.

Stockbroker Adam Blumenthal is offering the unparalleled “lighthouse” penthouse atop the Bondi Pacific with a guiding price tag of $9.5 million. EverBlu Capital’s Chairman, who has owned the three-bedroom, three-bathroom residence since 2014 and initially paid $3.9 million, began leasing this property in 2019 after he and his wife Annabelle Shamir purchased their former North Bondi designer home.

Bellevue Hill: A Lavish $30 Million Purchase by the Couple

During 2021’s booming real estate market, the North Bondi house broke records with its astronomical sale of $11.235 million – almost doubling what had been paid for it just a few years prior at an astounding $6.3 million!

The couple now calls Bellevue Hill home due to their extravagant $30 million purchase two years ago from Stephanie Conley-Buhre—the fashion designer who made her mark as an acclaimed lifestyle blogger.

Bellevue Hill will be available for auction on April 1st, courtesy of The Agency’s real estate agents Steven Chen and Ben Collier.

“We invite you to join us in celebration of the purchase and come check out this incredible property – it’s sure to make your heart go a-flutter,” said Collier.

The Paspaley family’s $8 million purchase is a testament to their gold-seeking savvy and willingness to take advantage of the booming real estate market.  

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