Sorry Fans, Wednesday Star, Isn’t Getting Down To ‘Dance Monkey’

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“If anyone ever dares to play that in my house, they will be kicked out immediately.”

Wednesday—Jenna Ortega—made a lasting impression with her incredible dance scene in the premiere season of Netflix’s beloved show.

During a Netflix-hosted interview, Ortega shared the one song she refuses to dance to – and it comes from surprisingly close by. It appears at the top of her ‘do not play’ list!

“Two years ago, a catchy tune called Dance Monkey had everyone grooving – however, I wasn’t one of them. Pop music is not my jam,” the actress started, calling attention to the well-known song by Tones & I.

“If anyone ever played that in my house, they’re instantly being kicked out.”

Dance Monkey, a groundbreaking hit single, has quickly become one of the most popular songs on Spotify, with over 2.5 billion streams and 1.9 billion views on YouTube worldwide! Here in Australia specifically, it’s an astounding 17x platinum smash success.

Toni Watson, the Aussie superstar, recently achieved a remarkable feat by earning her place on the prestigious Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List.

As the publication states, Tones and I’s net worth is an impressive $35 million – a figure that can be attributed to her hit single “Dance Monkey”, which has been an enduring success.

Since its debut in 2019, this track has reportedly earned the singer a stunning twelve million dollars and smashed several ARIA charts and streaming records.

Last year Watson added an extravagant $7.08m Mornington Peninsula estate to her property portfolio, solidifying her status as a real estate mogul.

Recently, Tones & I was awarded the prestigious ARIA Award for Song of The Year with Cloudy Day.

In early 2019, Marietta Ouzas, now Sony Music Entertainment’s Senior Manager of A&R and Marketing, introduced Tones & I’s music to the offices at Sony.

In our oral history of Dance Monkey, she spoke with The Music regarding the track’s tremendous success. She stated that it was released in May and attained its first #1 spot on the ARIA Chart by August 3rd, where it remained for an unbelievable 24 weeks – a record-breaking accomplishment!

“After it debuted, Tones’ chart-topping success was seen worldwide and quickly made her the longest-running #1 by a female artist on the Official Singles Chart in the UK. In addition, “Dance Monkey” reached an impressive #4 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list! This past year has been truly monumental for Tones, and I couldn’t be more proud of her tenacity or inspired by all she has accomplished,” Ouzas said.

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