Streamlining Cross-Border Collaboration: Using Supply Chain Mapping Tools to Connect Australian and UK Space Capabilities

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Cross-border collaboration in space can be improved and streamlined through supply chain mapping tools to bridge capabilities between Australia and the UK.

The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), based in Adelaide, Australia, has partnered with the UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult to craft an International Comparison Dashboard specialising in the Australian space industry.

New Space Capability Mapping Tool

This dashboard is designed to pinpoint potential market openings, both domestically and internationally, that could be capitalised upon by foreign direct investment or exporting prospects.

To be presented at the 2023 Avalon Airshow is a revolutionary dashboard that fosters international collaboration between organisations, industries and researchers to develop potential projects and programs and entice customers from around the globe.

Stuart Naylor, Director of International Engagement at the Satellite Applications Catapult, mentioned they built this powerful tool to strengthen relationships between space industries, governments and end users by quickly determining potential areas for growth.

“To ensure ongoing economic growth, cross-cultural collaboration and innovation are essential – something that the Satellite Applications Catapult is striving to achieve in our work,” Naylor said.

“With this groundbreaking initiative, we will be able to access quantitative data and evidence-based decision-making that can propel us into a new era of growth.”

Funding for New Satellite Applications

The UK Space Agency supported the project, and the Satellite Applications Catapult and SmartSat CRC provided funding for matching supply-chain tagging.

During the launch of our project, the Satellite Applications Catapult identified and listed 240 Australian organisations – a significant portion of Australia’s space industry.

The Australian Space Agency provided support and guidance to ensure the project was successful. In addition, both organisations will work together to identify potential areas of collaboration between the two countries.

Using this tool, companies from both nations can gain valuable insights into business opportunities through greater visibility into the global space industry and a better understanding of investment opportunities in each other’s markets.

The International Comparison Dashboard will facilitate easier cross-border collaboration and foster the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience that can lead to new technology breakthroughs, improved services and increased revenue across the global space industry.


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