Submerged in Submarine Deals: Biden to Make Big Splash Down Under

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Joe Biden is about to hit the deep end of diplomacy and make a splash with Australia as he dives into submarine deals and other bilateral agreements!

President Joe Biden is joining forces with two of America’s closest allies to unveil an important defence deal – one in which Australia will invest in U.S.-manufactured, nuclear-powered attack submarines to bolster its naval presence and oppose the intensifying threats from China’s rising power throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

On Monday, President Biden will be heading to San Diego for talks surrounding the 18-month-old AUKUS alliance with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of Australia and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom.

In 2021, a strategic partnership was announced that allowed Australia to obtain nuclear-powered submarines as part of its arsenal in response to China’s rapidly expanding military. These stealthier and more advanced boats are incomparable to conventionally powered ones.

According to two anonymous sources briefed on the deal, Australia has decided to purchase up to five Virginia-class boats as part of AUKUS. Additionally, utilising U.S.-made technology and support, a new breed of submarines will be created in the United Kingdom and Australia. As per the original plans, all Australian subs are planned for construction in Adelaide -Australia.

The U.S. will significantly increase its port visits to Australia to ensure the Australian people become familiar with nuclear-powered technology before acquiring their submarines.

“This is a good deal for both sides,” said one senior U.S. defence official. “It will help Australia become a more sophisticated naval power and strengthen our security relationship with two of our closest allies.”

Throughout his visit, Biden will meet with Albanese and Sunak to collaborate on global issues such as Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the world economy.

“We expect this to be a major step forward in our defence relationship with Australia and the United Kingdom,” said the White House Press Secretary.

Biden’s visit is expected to mark an important milestone in relations between these three countries and set the tone for the future on various strategic issues.

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