Sydney Ortho Discovers Key to Productivity

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Worker shortages in every industry, including health care, have affected productivity targets. Still, one orthodontist found a way to keep his clinics open despite the strong effect of the rising cost of living pressures.

Dr Martin Fine is a Sydney orthodontist that owns and operates his practice in Bondi and Maroubra. Fine was not excluded in feeling the impact of the economic slowdown, which drastically impacted how Australians spent their money.

Many studies have shown that Australians have changed their spending habits this year. Many consumers are noticing that prices of everyday items and services are constantly increasing. And many need help managing their expenses.

According to a report by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), credit card purchases were at a record high of $33.5 billion. This is a clear indicator that Australians are digging themselves deep into credit card debt, as many find it extremely difficult to manage their budgets without using their credit cards.

Finder credit card expert Amy Bradney-George stated, “As prices continue to rise, consumers depend on credit cards more – including to pay for essentials like food and utilities. There is a genuine risk that relying on a credit card, or any form of credit, to cover these costs will lead to interest charges and further debt.”

Many are left to think about what they would prioritise, and dental health is usually at the bottom of the list. But Dr Fine discovered means to change that. The orthodontist heavily invested in laser-cutting technology, 3D printing and clear aligner materials.

This, in turn, drove down costs and sped up procedures. Fine added, “We’ve had a laser aligner cutter for a year – increasing productivity with that thing has been amazing.” He also reported that their practice uses AI to generate 3D prints for patients instead of creating casts by hand, significantly reducing research times.

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