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Holiday Fever Hits Wall Street, but Is the Market Party Coming to an End? Dive into Today’s Markets Data for the Truth

As holiday fever takes hold of Wall Street, investors are left questioning whether the market party is about to meet its end—uncover the truth by delving into today's crucial markets data. Global stock markets witnessed predominantly positive movement on Tuesday,...

As China’s Activity Data Falls Below Expectations, Hong Kong Stocks Jump More Than 4% In Tech

After the meeting between Asia-Pacific President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden, stocks in the region mainly increased on Tuesday. The Hang Seng index in Hong Kong ended 4.11% higher at 18,343.12 on Wednesday, lifted by the Hang Seng...

Australian Inflation Has Reached A 32-year High Triggering A Rate Hike

The 7.3% increase in consumer prices year on year is three times the rate of wage growth. Most Asian stock markets extended gains on Wednesday amid growing expectations of a less hawkish Federal Reserve. As inflation reached a 32-year high,...
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