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Survey Highlights Challenges in Leaders’ Disclosure of Health Conditions at Work

A recently published report from the Work Futures Research Initiative sheds light on the challenges faced by leaders and managers living with long-term health conditions in the workplace. The report reveals that over a quarter of leaders surveyed in Australia...

Securing Travel Insurance a Challenge for Senior Australian Travellers

In a survey published by MOZO, most older Australians miss out on travelling due to health conditions and challenges in obtaining affordable travel insurance policies they would benefit from. Travel insurance is seen as a must-have when travelling nowadays. It...

Finito App Launched to Help Smokers Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

Brothers Chris and Alex Naoumidis founded tech startup Mindset Health in 2018. The brothers' goal was to build their portfolio of digital apps designed to bring therapy using hypnosis to underserved communities with health conditions. The Naoumidis brothers didn't initially...
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