Tech Companies and Start-ups Putting Logan on the Map

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Logan, south of Brisbane, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tech companies and start-ups looking to take advantage of its business-friendly environment.

In a move to offer its citizens local, high-value employment opportunities inspired by Silicon Valley, this southeastern city is rapidly becoming the go-to destination for emerging tech businesses and pioneering start-ups.

Straddling Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Logan has a population of 350,000 residents and is one of Australia’s most rapidly advancing cities.

Within the next 15 years, it is estimated that this population will reach a staggering 500,000 people.

But for many Logan residents, long commutes to Brisbane or the Gold Coast are a daily reality — something the Logan City Council aims to change.

“It is vital for Logan to have fledgling companies emerging in our city, as the future employment opportunities will be geared towards young adults,” Deputy Mayor Jon Raven said.

“Start-ups often create high-value job opportunities that can offer more than just a single position for one individual. These positions carry the potential to impact entire communities positively and have long-lasting effects on those who obtain them.

“By establishing a job with significant worth, you spark the birth of five more customary positions in hospitality, retail and other services.

“When wages rise, people anticipate having more amenities in the vicinity of their workplace; this produces additional employment opportunities for all.”

The Logan City Council has been highly supportive in putting the city on the map as an attractive destination for technology companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

It offers several incentives to those looking to make a mark in the tech industry, including access to resources, mentoring opportunities and ongoing support from local business networks.

The Council has also been working diligently to develop the region’s infrastructure, creating a solid framework for businesses to flourish.

With its business-friendly environment and unique combination of city living and rural charm, Logan is quickly becoming an attractive destination for tech companies and start-ups. It is firmly on the map as one of Australia’s most thriving cities.

Logan is paving the way for a modern, tech-driven economy that will drive future economic growth and create valuable job opportunities in the region — something we’re sure to see more of in years to come.

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