Tesla’s Lackluster Presentation Leaves Investors Uninterested

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The four-hour Tesla Investor Day was presented by CEO Elon Musk and his group of executives. Their main goal was to impart to the investor audience that Tesla will be the leader in helping the automotive industry shift away from fuel fossils into renewable energy. However, more was needed for the investors.

According to Tony Sycamore, a market analyst for IG, “Musk spooked investors when he stated that his Master Plan 3 for sustainable energy would require an investment of $10 trillion, causing Tesla shares to fall 5.5% in after-hours trading to $191.60. At this point, no new car has been announced, disappointing some who were looking for Tesla to bring a more affordable vehicle to the market.”

Sycamore added that the investors who attended Tesla’s Investor Day in its gigafactory in Austin, Texas, were not impressed by Musk’s thrust to lead the industry where all cars will be fully electric and autonomous.

TechCrunch journalists also added that a significant portion of the event was focused on discussing how Tesla would reduce costs at every company level and how they plan to achieve operational efficiencies. These two topics some investors would like to hear about; however, they needed help to meet the intended response.

Another thing that journalists noted was that “Musk and an unusually long lineup of department leads did not share new details on Tesla’s next-generation EV and its upcoming factory in Mexico, nor did they address current issues with its Full Self-Driving software that is currently unavailable to those who opted to buy the $15,000 option due to a recall.”

Bill Maurer, a market enthusiast and writer for Seeking Alpha, noted that Tesla’s Investor Day was a fluff. He mentioned that investors would have wanted to hear more specific details on upcoming products, but the presentation needed to be shorter and wordy for the average investor.

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