“That’s All You Deserve”: Outrageous Statement From Trade Business Owner Sparks Anger

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A construction boss suggested that individuals facing challenges due to increasing costs should not complain and instead consider it a consequence of their laziness.

An exasperated construction gaffer took to social media, cheekily branding Aussies as lackadaisical and unenthusiastic about working for a brighter future.

The person known as ‘Dark Angel’ on social media, who is both a tradesman and an influencer from Sydney, stated that individuals who struggle in life do so due to their poor work ethic.

Mentrepreneur blasts “f***ing lazy’ Britons over high cost of living

He posted a five-minute rant on TikTok, suggesting that instead of complaining about the increasing cost of living, people should work harder to cope with it.

“People in this country are so f***ing lazy, nobody wants to work,” he kept repeating the same point throughout his rant.

The main argument he presented was that people have the lives they deserve. He summarised this idea in the caption of his video, which read: “YOUR LIFE IS BAD BECAUSE THAT’S ALL YOU DESERVE” (with a spelling mistake).

You believe that people are solely responsible for the outcome of their lives. If someone is struggling financially or has a difficult life, you think it’s because they have chosen to be that way and are lazy,” he said.

“We live in a lazy world; Australian people are so f***ing lazy that’s not a joke.”

He said people unwilling to work hard do not deserve to own expensive cars or houses or even complain about the increasing housing prices. He used the phrase “fat a***” to refer to lazy people.

Uber CEO, says ‘we need work’ in Australia

In the video, he contradicted himself by saying that the Uber jobs his boys were doing should be given to foreigners, but then claimed that there was enough work in Australia for everyone. There was no need to bring in international workers to fill job vacancies.

“We do not require anyone from other countries. If everyone works hard, as they should, they can earn a high salary without the need for overseas workers.”

Dark Angel concluded by saying that if everyone puts in a bit of effort, there would be enough jobs for everyone. “Let’s stop using the term ‘lazy’ and start being productive.”

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