The Answer to Worker Shortages is Growing Right Before Our Eyes!

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As Australia’s economy faces an impending worker shortage, the irony of our situation isn’t lost on anyone – we have a generation of young people ready, willing and able to fill these roles!

Youth unemployment is at its highest rate since the early 1990s – yet thousands of employers nationwide are crying out for more workers.

It’s time we realised that the answer to our worker shortage is correct under our noses – and it’s called Generation Z.

This generation of young adults, aged between 16-24, have unique skills and talents that make them an asset in any workplace. They are tech-savvy, highly adaptable and unafraid to take on new challenges.

The key is finding ways to tap into this ready labour market.

“For starters, businesses need to think about how to engage better and support young employees. This includes investing in mentoring programs that allow them to develop new skills and receive valuable guidance from experienced workers,” shares Martina Joy Pearce – Youth Employment Services Program manager.

The government, too, has a role to play in ensuring Gen Z is allowed to succeed. Besides providing incentives for employers who hire young people, such as reductions on payroll tax or wage subsidies, they also need to work with employers on creating more flexible working practices that accommodate the needs of Gen Z.

More investment in youth employment programs, such as internships and traineeships, would give this generation invaluable experience and industry connections – something many still lack, despite their enthusiasm for entering the workforce.

“It’s time we recognised the value youth employment can bring to our economy,” says Pearce. “We need to create an environment where young people are given a chance to succeed, which starts with creating more job opportunities.”

If we don’t act fast, Australia’s worker shortage could become a looming crisis. But the good news is, the solution – Generation Z – is already here! All we need to do now is give them a chance to shine.

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