The ASX 30:30 List: Finding the New Market Leaders – 28 April 2023

ASX's Top 30 Momentum and Launch Pad shares this week.

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Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall
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From Launch Pad to Momentum Leader

Every week, we present the 30:30 List, which features the ASX’s Top 30 Momentum Leaders that are driving the market upwards, as well as the Top 30 Launch Pad shares that are expected to become the next market leaders.

ASX Top 30 Momentum Shares
ASX Top 30 Momentum and Top 30 Launch Pad Stocks

The Top 30 Momentum companies have the highest momentum scores in the past quarter, making them the best performing companies on the ASX and potentially the quickest trading shares. Our expert analyst, Gary Glover, analyzes the charts of these companies and identifies their strengths and potential trading opportunities.

In addition to the Top 30 Momentum Leaders, we also focus on the Top 30 Launch Pad shares, which are ASX-listed companies that have shown rapid momentum during the week. Typically, this is what market leaders do just before they experience a breakout and embark on a significant upward trend.

By understanding the Top 30 Momentum Leaders and Launch Pad shares, investors can identify the next market leaders and potentially capitalize on their success. While Investors Business Daily publishes RS Index data for the US, this data is not readily available for the ASX. Therefore, our team at Finer Market Points thoroughly examines the charts to identify the best-performing companies today and those that are poised for a breakout in the coming weeks.

In each week’s video Glover shares his perspective on the trades he is monitoring on the Launch Pad, which are fueled up and ready to soar to new heights:

The 30:30 Podcast 28 April 2023

Finer Market Points publishes ASX market data to connect leading market themes and top performing companies for better trading.

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