The Burrito Billionaire: How Doctor Sam Prince Turned His Passion into a Fortune

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At just 37 years old, Sam Prince has skyrocketed to the rank of billionaire courtesy of his burrito empire.

However, for the founder of Zambrero and medical doctor who set up his first restaurant in Canberra back in 2005 that has now expanded to a whopping 220 restaurants worldwide, having reached fifth place on the Australian Financial Review Rich List, the road to success was not always easy.

Prince, also an ambassador for Oxfam International and World Vision Australia, faced many of his most significant hurdles early on in life. He grew up orphaned in apartheid-era South Africa before being adopted by Australian parents when he was just five years old. His first experience helping others came in 1999 when he decided to volunteer at a local hospital and was shocked by the conditions under which many lived.

In 2005, Prince opened his first Zambrero restaurant with just two employees – himself and his wife – in Canberra. It was from this modest beginning that Prince built up the franchise business. The secret to his success? According to Prince, it’s all about high-quality food and a focus on giving back.

“We’re all about creating great food and giving back as much as we can,” he shared. “Zambrero is a global brand dedicated to helping end world hunger through our Plate 4 Plate initiative.”

The initiative provides one meal to someone in need for every burrito sold, with Zambrero donating more than 8 million meals globally.

The future looks bright and exciting for this inspiring entrepreneur already received numerous accolades, including the Australian Franchisee of the Year Award in 2015 from The Australian Small Business Champion Awards. He has also been named a finalist for Entrepreneur of The Year at this year’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards.

For Sam Prince, the future of Zambrero is all about expanding and giving hope to those in need worldwide. With nearly 500 employees across Australia, New Zealand and India, his ambition is to reach 1,000 restaurants worldwide, each making a significant impact for good.

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