The Business-Friendly Ideology of NSW’s Leader, Chris Minns

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Chris Minns, leader of the New South Wales Labor Party, is committed to a business-friendly ideology that will enable businesses to thrive and create jobs.

New South Wales Election in March

As the March 25 election in New South Wales (NSW), Australia’s most populated state, rapidly approaches, working people must confront a Liberal-National Coalition government and Labor opposition that stands united on almost all issues—from their “let it rip” COVID policy to their demand for austerity attacks on wages and conditions.

Both Coalition and Labour parties hit record lows in primary votes for over fifty years during the May federal and November Victorian state elections. Despite a decrease in working-class voting numbers towards Labour during Victoria’s state race, they still managed to remain in charge due to an unbelievable drop in Liberal Party support.

“It is the Coalition’s hard-right ideology of low taxes, austerity and corporate power that has been exposed as the main threat to working people”, says Chris Minns. He believes ‘it is Labor’s mission to provide a genuine alternative path for working people’.

In line with this belief, Minns wants to build an economy in NSW that works for everyone. He has prioritised job creation and economic growth by focusing on small business, innovation, regional investment and infrastructure.

Chris Minns – Labor’s Plan To Rebuild NSW

Minns also wants to make NSW the most attractive destination for businesses to invest in by offering innovative tax reforms such as abolishing stamp duty, halving payroll taxes and introducing a new bank levy. He has also committed to cutting red tape and creating a more business-friendly company environment.

Minns is in favour of increasing the minimum wage and providing training opportunities and workplace protections for workers. He wants to prioritise apprenticeships, workforce development programs, investment in public education and training program initiatives.

“It is time to create an economy which works for everyone, not just the well-off and privileged,” said Minns. He believes it is possible to have a vibrant economy and job growth while still looking after working families.

By embracing a business-friendly ideology, Chris Minns hopes to make NSW an attractive place for businesses of all sizes to invest in while providing the necessary support for working families and creating job opportunities. He is committed to a fairer economic system that will benefit everyone and improve Australians’ lives.

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