The Federal Government Is Stepping up Security Measures Following a Huge Optus Data Breach—Here’s What You Need to Know

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Following the news of a massive data breach at Optus, the Australian Home Affairs Minister has announced that it will unveil new security measures for telecommunications companies.

On September 24, Clare Ellen O’Neil, the current Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Cyber Security, announced, “Australian companies must do all they can to protect their customers’ data. In the coming days, I will have much more to say about the Optus cyber attack and what steps need to be taken in the future.”

The announcement comes amid growing concerns about online data safety, with a number of high-profile breaches occurring in recent years.

The telco giant revealed last week that up to 9.8 million customers may have compromised their personal information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, and phone numbers.

The Optus data breach is the latest high-profile cyber attack on Australian businesses and organisations.

The company has come under fire for handling the incident, with many customers accusing the company of downplaying the seriousness of the breach.

On the other hand, the new measures will likely focus on improving cybersecurity for businesses and individuals and could include changes to the law surrounding data breaches.

The new measures are also likely to target how telcos handle customer data, with stricter rules around storage and security expected to be introduced. 

Critics have long argued that the laws requiring telecommunications companies to retain customer data for two years are a privacy breach.

According to Australian law, telecommunications providers are required to hold your data. At the same time, you are their customer for an additional two years, but they may keep the data for longer for business purposes.

The details of the new measures have not yet been released, but they are expected to be made public in the coming days. In the meantime, all Australian companies should do everything they can to protect their customers’ data.

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