The God of Thunder’s Real-Life Wealth Finally Revealed

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Chris Hemsworth, the young and famous Australian actor known for reprising his role as Marvel’s Thor, is reportedly part of The Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) Young Rich List consistently.

AFR’s Young Rich List has been tracking the wealth of the wealthiest Australians under 40 since 2003. The Young Rich Listers should at least have $35 million, and their wealth is not inherited.

On the top of this year’s list are Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, the founders of the beginner-friendly graphic design software Canva. The duo came on the list with an estimated net worth of $13.7 billion, down by $2.8 billion from the previous year.

As for the A-listers, supermodel Miranda Kerr takes the first spot, with an estimated net worth of $173 million. Actor Chris Hemsworth closely followed Kerr. His net worth is estimated to be $162 million. Hemsworth’s net worth significantly increased when the workout app he created, Centr, was acquired by Mark Bezos, the younger brother of Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos.

With the acquisition, Hemsworth’s wealth shot up significantly from last year’s $57 million, making him the wealthiest young actor in Australia. CEO Magazine Caroline Blight notes, “The actor might be known best as Marvel heavyweight Thor, but after recently selling his fitness app Centr, reported to be valued at more than US$200 million, Hemsworth’s clout in business is not to be underestimated. His earnings from his business ventures significantly dwarf his Hollywood career.”

Centr was created by Hemsworth in 2019, offering the public an expert-driven fitness, nutrition and mindfulness platform. The app supplies daily planners, training and meal plans, nutritional guidance and guided meditation. 

“Centr was created to provide people with carefully curated and integrated fitness, nutrition and mindfulness programs, guiding beginners and more experienced users in achieving their unique health and fitness goals,” he adds.

The actor quickly built the app’s value through subscriptions, leading to HighPost Capital acquiring the app and fitness equipment maker Inspire. 

When asked about his thoughts on the acquisition, Hemsworth notes, “I look forward to partnering with HighPost and Inspire to continue the success of Centr, inspire people to lead healthier and more active lives, and increase our strong subscriber base worldwide by developing outstanding new content and expanding our offerings.”

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