The Inconvenient Reality: A Full-Time Worker & Business Owner Struggled to Find Affordable Rental Housing in Geelong

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Despite having a full-time job and a small business, Freya O’Connell has difficulty locating affordable housing options in Geelong’s intensely competitive rental market.

Earlier this month, Ms O’Connell received notice that she had until the end of February to vacate her Mount Duneed residence as her landlords would be moving in.

Since then, she has applied to over a dozen rentals with no avail, and even two private applicants were chosen after competing tenants proposed higher rent to nail down the homes.

The intensely high rental prices have left her with no option but to settle for a “last resort” of living in her partner’s cramped home. There needs to be more room for their small family and two dogs.

“With no other way out, we are reluctantly turning to a plan we had yet to consider,” said Ms O’Connell. “We had decided to delay our purchase until we could secure something more substantial.”

Ms O’Connell pointed out that tenants like her have no choice but to make hard choices, like cramming into tiny homes and offering more money than what is asked for rent – even though the prices are already at an all-time high.

“With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be daunting and difficult to find one – especially when you’re on a budget,” she said.

“I cannot offer more money, as it would take away half of my wages. Unfortunately, this is an unfortunate catch-22 situation, and there’s no reasonable way to pass over it.”

Ms O’Connell holds no ill will towards her landlords, for they had given her prior warning that they were planning to move back in and may have been under financial duress due to the rise of interest rates and living expenses.

Ms O’Connell’s story exemplifies the difficulty of finding affordable housing options in Geelong, especially for those with limited finances and competing for rental homes. The intensely competitive market has made it difficult to secure a suitable place at an affordable cost, leaving many tenants feeling helpless and needing more options.

Unfortunately, this is the inconvenient reality that many renters in Geelong have to face, and it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

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