The Politician With a Side Job? You Might be Surprised!

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Politicians don’t always stick to the straight and narrow – some even take on side hustles.

Over the weekend, Drew Pavlou – activist and former Democratic Alliance Senate candidate – reignited the conversation regarding Babet’s work outside of Parliament by posing a query on social media. He asked why Babet was “still working in real estate” when being a senator is a demanding full-time job.

Senator Ralph Babet of the United Australia party staunchly maintains that his role in Parliament is more important than any other roles he may have. He insists he does not receive a salary despite working for his family’s real estate company.

The Senator adamantly claims that he has no monetary affiliation with Babet Brothers and plans to pursue a full-time career in real estate following the completion of his term.

When asked, Babet stated that his real estate job was only done on the weekends and any 

Senate-related duties take precedence over it should they arise. He concluded by saying that if he were invited somewhere to speak or presented with a similar task of importance, this would become his priority.

“When not occupied with Senate affairs, I enjoy attending my family’s open-for-inspection events. It brings me joy and lets me stay connected with the business,” Babet said.

“I willingly contribute to my family business without expecting a salary, just like when an MP or Senator assists with their family farm on the weekend. It’s simply what we do for our families.”

“It’s no big deal; in fact, it should be applauded that I partake in standard activities rather than follow the majority of senators who tend to idle.”

When asked if he received monetary compensation for his services, Babet replied: “I do not accept a single dime from the business. My only intention is to perform my duties in the Senate with utmost dedication.”

Babet stated that he doesn’t take any income from the business as a director and would update his register of interests if he ever did. He clarified, “Right now, it says zero because it is zero.”

From all indications, Babet’s commitment to serving his constituents is unwavering, and he takes pride in meaningfully contributing to his family business. Politicians can learn a lot from Babet’s example and strive to display similar levels of dedication while juggling their official positions and the other vital roles they play in society.

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