The Young Rich Lister Brothers Clawed Their Way Up From The Bottom To Beat Amazon At Its Own Game

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Two siblings on different continents discover financial salvation through the cloud. One is cash-strapped, and the other feels like a failure, but both succeed in their new venture.

In 2017, James Cameron of Sydney-based AirTree Ventures had dinner with Ryan Kroonenburg in London. This was two years after Ryan and his younger brother, Sam, created A Cloud Guru–an online training business. Before this dinner meeting, Cameron invested AirTree’s capital into a $9 million fundraising round for the brothers as they scaled up their company.

A Cloud Guru (ACG) was created with a particular purpose: to help people pass the Amazon Web Services exam to get a job in “cloud computing”, Jeff Bezos’ online giant company. The videos for this project were fronted by Ryan, who did a fantastic mix of friendliness and intensity while Sam built the platform.

In contrast, AirTree needed double-digit returns, and it needed them fast. It had invested in several companies but had yet to see any prospects. This was typical of early-stage investors, who spend a lot of time on the losing bets while waiting for the winners to come good.

Cameron has been a friend of Sam’s since their Oxford days. He had already invested in a startup Sam founded, so he knew the younger Kroonenburg was good at solving problems.

AirTree looked into ACG and decided to work with it instead of investing in it. During an interview, Cameron said, “We didn’t think we could add much value by just writing a cheque.”

Cameron told Sam and Ryan, who were spending lots of time on their company that they had to sell. He also said that if ACG could make $1 million in revenue over the next year, he would pay each of them $1 million.

The company hit close to a million dollars in sales within six months. And for the guys, it was undoubtedly exciting: They had created something that Amazon’s customers were using.

After seeing this success, Cameron kept investing in ACG to help it grow internationally–its platform is now available across 150 countries. In November 2017, the company hit $5 million in sales.

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