TikTok Star Jamie Zhu Knocks on Millionaire Intelligent Finance CEO Justin Doobov’s Door in Search of Success Tips

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Viewers were left in awe after a Sydney businessman, accosted outside his luxurious $16 million manor by a TikTok creator, divulged his secret to success.

A savvy businessman recently divulged the secret to his immense monetary success, enabling him to own a lavish $16 million Sydney mansion and several luxury cars. His advice is surprisingly wholeheartedly grounded in reality.

Jamie Zhu, the TikTok sensation, recently paid a visit to Justin Doobov, Intelligent Finance’s CEO. During her time there, he asked him some thought-provoking questions about his recipe for success.

Mr Doobov attributed his current wealth to one essential factor – relentless hard work.

Throughout his career in the hospitality, retail, and car washing industries, the millionaire divulged that he never once entertained a potential for failure.

“You’ll be knocked down, but you can always get back up! Failure is not an option – determination will bring you success,” he told influencer Mr Zhu in a TikTok post last Wednesday.

During the onset of his journey to financial success, Mr Doobov revealed that he simultaneously juggled three or four jobs while operating a variety of businesses.

When asked how he happened to be the proprietor of one of Sydney’s most luxurious properties, he humbly remarked that it was mainly due to his hard work and dedication – which included 18-hour days for seven consecutive days.

With a finance and accounting background and an engineering degree, he decided to start his property-refinancing business approximately two decades ago.

If you want to walk the same road, he encouraged people to either gain more money or use less.

According to Mr Doobov, when it comes down to spending extravagantly before achieving your financial objectives, you should opt for the most cost-effective car that appeases your ego.

“Thanks to the success of my business and mindful saving and investing, I’m no longer limited by financial restrictions when making decisions. Nowadays, it’s merely a matter of selecting which colour would best suit me,” he said.

Mr Doobov suggested that individuals should take baby steps before attempting to become millionaires.

“It’s no secret that the first million is always the toughest. But when you keep striving and pushing, it all starts with your initial hundred thousand, finally reaching a milestone of one million,” he said.

Praise has been abundant for the TikTok he starred in, as viewers have appreciated his admirable humbleness and helpful advice on launching a business. It was even more remarkable considering Mr Zhu had seemingly taken him by surprise at his residence.

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