Unlock Your Potential: Groundbreaking Growth Hack from 27-Year-Old Forbes Rich Lister

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An Aussie businesswoman who earned a coveted spot on the Forbes rich list has revealed her ‘manifestation method’ that she’ll be utilising in 2023 to improve further and elevate her life.

Iris Smit, a Perth native, has created an impressive beauty empire totalling $15 million. This includes brands such as The Quick Flick and Beauty Fridge. In a recent TikTok video, she revealed the ‘growth hack’ that helps her manifest success in life.

At 27 years old, she guided her followers through setting a big life vision, noting obstacles and crafting a 90-day goal. She encouraged creating an inspiring vision board to help them realise this ambition.

“I guarantee your life will transform completely if you take this step. Your future self will be infinitely grateful for your choices today,” she said. 

“We refer to this as the 2023 growth hack, yet you can perform it annually. I do it every three months, and each time I take on this task, it brings me up to a higher level,” Iris said. 

The young entrepreneur’s first piece of advice? Visualise the most significant goal in your life and approach it as if ‘nothing is impossible’.

“If you had no limitations, what would your perfect life look like? What grand vision do you have for the future?” she asked.

As Iris explained, the second step is to break down what’s preventing you from achieving your big vision and how you will maneuver around these obstacles.

“If you wish to go deeper, it’s important to recognise that most blocks and limiting beliefs stem from fear. To help put these worries into perspective, take the time to write down what could be the worst possible outcome if something were to fail,” she explained. 

“To manifest your goals and desires, jot down what you want in the present tense. Make sure to include vivid details that will make it feel like a reality – as if you are already living this perfect life! Focus on each thought or feeling associated with these dreams and write them out without any self-doubt or hesitation,” she said. 
The 27-year-old concluded her video by reassuring her that this growth hack works correctly.

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