Unlocking Investment Opportunities: HSBC Engages with the Australia Super Sector

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HSBC has joined forces with the Australian superannuation sector to open up new investment opportunities for its clients. 

HSBC Australia is thrilled to collaborate with the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) for a groundbreaking partnership to provide members with critical industry insights on international mandates.

HSBC Partners with AIST

The superannuation industry in Australia is undergoing a significant transformation, with many funds now investing in overseas public and private assets while diversifying their portfolios by allocating more investable wealth to non-AUD currencies; AIST and HSBC have joined forces to usher in even more significant advancement.

More governments are seizing control of their investment decisions and asset management by bringing it back in-house.

“By the end of this decade, Australian super funds would be wise to make offshore investments a priority for their members as it is estimated that AUM will significantly increase. This strategic decision is invaluable in providing stability and growth during uncertain times,” said Nick Wheeler, the esteemed head of markets and securities services for Australia and New Zealand at HSBC.

“With our comprehensive suite of solutions, including global asset management, securities services and public/private investments access combined with a deep understanding of global markets, AIST is the perfect partner platform to provide invaluable insight into investment decisions. We are uniquely positioned to help asset owners and managers make informed choices – now more than ever!”

Australian Superannuation Funds

Furthermore, the AIST partnership will assist HSBC in its interactions with Australian superannuation funds across multiple areas, including securities services, foreign exchange trading, real assets and asset management.

Eva Scheerlinck, CEO of AIST expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership and welcomed this collaboration.

“We are immensely grateful for our partners’ contribution and the extra value they have brought to the profit-to-member sector, particularly HSBC’s global exposure, comprehensive services, and offshore market proficiency. This has been especially beneficial for our member funds as we increasingly make investments worldwide,” Ms Scheerlinck concluded.

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