Vancouver-based Svante to Combat Climate Change by Removing Carbon Dioxide from Australian Industries

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Svante, a Vancouver-based company, is on a mission to help combat climate change through its innovative technology to remove carbon dioxide from Australian industries.

Australia’s Pilot Energy (ASX: PGY) has partnered with Svante Technologies, a company that produces filters and machines for capturing CO2 from industrial flue stacks. The partnership aims to capture and store up to 8 million tonnes of CO2 annually in Western Australia.

Pilot Energy is a company that explores and develops conventional oil and gas fields in Western Australia. They are currently working on developing the Cliff Head offshore oil field carbon capture and storage project, along with a hydrogen and ammonia production plant. Svante partners with them to provide carbon capture technology.

The Mid West Clean Energy project by Pilot Energy involves a CCS initiative to capture CO2 from industries in Western Australia’s Kwinana Industrial Area. The process also creates hydrogen and ammonia from natural gas, and the captured CO2 is stored permanently in offshore geological storage.

“We are excited to collaborate with Svante and utilise their solid sorbent carbon capture technology to effectively capture the challenging CO2 emissions from the Kwinana Industrial Area,” said Pilot’s Chairman, Brad Lingo.

“This is a major milestone for Svante and highlights our ability to provide the leading technology for carbon capture,” said Claude Létourneau, CEO of Svante. “This project will not only help reduce emissions from the Kwinana Industrial Area but also demonstrate that CCS can be done safely and cost-effectively.”

Along with Carbon Engineering, Svante is among the two leading carbon capture innovators in B.C. Recently, in a Series E funding round, Chevron New Energies invested US$318 million in Svante. Svante is expanding its operations by building a manufacturing plant and headquarters in Burnaby, employing approximately 200 people.

Svante’s partnership with Pilot Energy is an excellent example of how business and technology can work together to create a positive environmental impact. We are excited about the future of carbon capture technology and the role that Svante will continue to play in combating climate change.

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