Vietnam-based Vingroup’s Tech Unit Unveils New Smart
Mobility Feature to Improve Driving Safety

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VinAI, VinFast’s strategic partner and a member group in Vingroup’s tech ecosystem, on August 29, 2022, unveiled new state-of-the-art products for safer and more convenient driving. Being among the world’s top 20 research-based Artificial Intelligence companies, the company aims to integrate state-of-the-art research with real-life impact.

The two revolutionary products released by VinAI during AI Day 22 include a driver monitoring system and the advanced surrounding view monitoring system. The products are already pioneering in the market and could soon be integrated into VinFast cars in the future.

Driver Monitoring System – DMS

According to a 2021 United Nations report, car accidents kill over one million people yearly, with 60% of the fatalities resulting from driver distractions (AAA Foundation 2017) and 20% from driver drowsiness (ROSPA 2020).

To address the issue of increasing road accidents and the resulting fatalities, VinAI has developed a Driver and Occupants Monitoring System (DMS) solution to help solve such problems and promote a safe driving experience. According to the company, the in-cabin solution uses AI and high-performance cameras to prevent driving erros by analyzing drivers’ driving patterns on the road.

The face recognition technology-based solution uses infrared cameras and vehicle sensors to establish the driver’s status, including drowsiness, sleepiness, or destruction. By selecting a driver’s status, the system alerts the driver to pay full attention to the vehicle. DMS can detect a driver’s eye movement even if they wear a facemask or sunglasses.

VinAI’s DMS is flexible and compatible with various platforms, enabling car manufacturers to integrate it into existing hardware without spending much on conversions. The system also runs on SoCs like Nvidia, Renesas, Qualcomm, and Ambarella.

Auto Mirror Adjustment (AMA)

VinAI has also included an automatic mirror adjustment (AMA) feature in the DMS product to improve the driving experience and make it more convenient. Unlike in most cars, the driver “manually” adjusts the mirrors using a control button and adjusting it severally to get the best viewing angle, the new feature automatically adjusts the side mirrors to an optimal position for the driver.

The system automatically calculates the mirrors’ optimal rotation angle based on the driver’s head and relays the signal to rotate the mirrors to the correct positions. However, for the system to work accurately, the driver needs to sit in position and press the AMA button, and the mirrors will adjust automatically.

Advanced Surrounding View Monitoring (ASVM)

The advanced surrounding view monitoring is only available for luxury to middle-end car segments. The system provides drivers with an all-around view, including rear, top, tire, and 3D view, to assist them when driving through busy streets, parking lots, or narrow roads.

ASVM offers a smooth and ultra 360-degree 3D view reconstructed by combining images from the four cameras with VinAI’s best algorithm. The driver can swipe in any direction to interact with the view.

This system also simplifies parking, especially for new drivers. It can automatically detect available parking lots and even park cars for the drivers. ASVM can estimate the size of the road and determine whether the vehicle can drive through.

Jelly View

The jelly view is a system that provides a 360-degree view of the entire vehicle allowing the driver to see through all the blind spots, which results in more than 840,000 accidents in the US. The system provides a detailed view of the vehicle’s surroundings and allows the driver to switch to different views using an on-screen control panel.

Jelly view helps the driver view blindspots, especially underneath the car, where the driver cannot view through the mirrors, thereby avoiding unexpected accidents when driving on bad roads,  narrow roads, and parking lots.


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