Western Australia Unveils ‘EverNow’ Festival to Boost Tourism and Local Economy

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a unique fusion of indigenous culture and captivating natural beauty? Western Australia unveils the ‘EverNow’ festival, a groundbreaking event to celebrate the region’s heritage, invigorate tourism, and bolster the local economy.

To enhance tourism and stimulate local employment, the Western Australian government has announced the launch of the ‘EverNow’ event. This homegrown festival, slated to run from October 4th to 9th, celebrates the region’s distinctive natural beauty and indigenous culture. Comprising three key elements – Song Circle, Fire Gardens, and Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak – ‘EverNow’ promises a unique and immersive experience for visitors and locals alike.

A Celebration of Culture and Nature

Developed by Perth Festival, ‘EverNow’ has been strategically designed to showcase Western Australia’s rich indigenous heritage and captivating landscape. The event will be hosted across iconic venues, allowing locals and tourists to engage with the heart of Western Australian culture.

“Events such as ‘EverNow’ contribute significant jobs for local workers and boost the State’s economy while supporting a range of Western Australian businesses,” stated Premier Roger Cook. With its potential to put Western Australia on the international map, ‘EverNow’ is expected to impact the state’s economy and reputation.

An Immersive Experience

This reimagining of the 2017 and 2019 Perth Festival’s successful showcase will convey the stories of Noongar culture and the unique biodiversity of Australia’s SouthWest.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court Gardens will come alive with the Song Circle, a captivating celebration of Noongar’s song and dance set within an immersive wonderland.

Meanwhile, Government House Gardens will be transformed into Fire Gardens – a dreamscape of dancing flames and shadows. Admission to the event will be free, although entry will require a ticket. 

The organisers have ambitious plans for ‘EverNow,’ with a commitment to its continuation over the next two years and aspirations to establish it as an annual fixture on the State’s major events calendar.

Fostering Year-Round Tourism

The Tourism Minister, Rita Saffioti, emphasised the larger vision behind ‘EverNow,’ stating, “We want to make sure there is a reason to visit Western Australia every month and every season, and that means building a strong calendar of events that offer something for everyone.” 

The festival aims to create a unique draw for tourists while celebrating the rich tapestry of Indigenous culture and heritage that defines the region.

Culture and Arts Minister David Templeman shared his perspective, noting that the event fosters tourism and acts as a canvas for artistic expression. 

“This brand new homegrown event will create an opportunity for arts and cultural works to be developed that draw visitors to experience the transcendent beauty of the country,” he said.

A Vibrant Future

As the ‘EverNow countdown begins, anticipation is building for this innovative event that promises to combine cultural celebration with a nod to the state’s remarkable natural surroundings. 

With its multi-faceted attractions and the potential to boost local employment and the economy, ‘EverNow’ is poised to become a highlight on the state’s and the nation’s events calendar, drawing attendees from far and wide to experience the wonders of Western Australia’s culture and landscape.

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