Who said Money Can’t Buy Happiness? Meet the Millionaire Who Earns Under $450 a Week

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Miriam Gluyas, the newly installed Commissioner for Australia in The Salvation Army, has some ambitious objectives to help move forward this 142-year-old organisation.

When asked about any salary increase upon being appointed the Territorial Commander and Chair of the local board of directors by Miriam Gluyas, the newly chosen head of Salvation Army Australia said, “There’s no pay rise.”

Salary and Volunteerism: A Choice Miriam Gluyas Made

She knew very well that before volunteering, she would receive her regular salary of $430 a week when commencing the new job on February 1.

Despite managing a $1 billion-year charitable business with more than 8,700 employees, 1,700 officers and 21,000 volunteers – the personnel responsible for this immense undertaking earns an annual salary of merely $20K.

Yet, Miriam Gluyas is unfazed and unperturbed by this discrepancy. She believes it is not about the money she earns but how she uses her time and resources to make a difference in people’s lives.

Witnessing the evolving cultural landscape, Gluyas has been given an up-close and personal view while working in higher echelons of the Salvos in Australia. From this valuable perspective, he has seen how charitable donations have changed.

“There appears to be a shift in the philanthropic landscape, indicating an opportunity for more meaningful impact on communities,” she says.

“People desire a more direct involvement in where their money is going, and they enjoy donating directly to the causes that matter most to them rather than contributing funds into one large pool.

“Although this is acceptable, the issue lies in people not always realising that there are multiple underlying issues. For example, homelessness can also require recovery and mental health services; it could be numerous components needing attention.”

According to Gluyas, the Salvos emergency services and disaster relief arm offered instant assistance during the 2020 fires and 2022 Lismore floods.

Unfortunately, three years after the bushfires and a year after the flooding, there’s still an immense need for support in these areas.

Miriam Gluyas’s dedication to helping others despite her small salary is genuinely inspiring. Her story proves that money doesn’t have to be the driving factor in one’s work, and it can be gratifying to make a difference in the lives of those around you regardless of your financial status.

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