Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia and Their Cross-Border Use Challenges

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Asia is leading the way in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) research and development, with several countries actively exploring the technology.

As U.S. policymakers continue to examine the implications of China’s digital yuan for global financial markets, it is crucial that they also take recent advances in Asian CBDCs into account.

Asia is at the forefront of research and development in wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) technology. Several countries, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and China, have been actively exploring the potential of CBDCs for many years.

These countries are driving innovation in this field, and their progress is a key factor to consider when looking at the future of CBDCs on a global scale.

According to Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “Recent central bank pilots and initiatives indicate that central banks aim to use wholesale CBDCs to complement or replace existing digitized forms of central bank liabilities already relied upon by financial market infrastructure to settle wholesale financial transactions.”

Wholesale CBDCs are digitized central bank liabilities designed for more significant transactions between financial institutions, such as interbank payments or settlement of large-scale commercial transactions. In contrast to retail CBDCs, access to wholesale CBDCs is limited only to certain financial entities that meet specific criteria established by the central bank.

The move towards wholesale CBDCs reflects Asia’s keen interest in technology. China’s digital yuan project has brought renewed attention to wholesale CBDCs and has become an important symbol of Asian leadership in this field. Countries like Japan have also unveiled plans to explore wholesale CBDC technology, while South Korea has tested its version successfully.

In conclusion, Asia is taking an active role in driving innovation in the field of digital currencies with its focus on wholesale CBDC technology. While technological advancements offer numerous benefits for domestic and global economies, policymakers must consider all related challenges before these technologies can reach their full potential.

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