You Won’t Believe What These Female Fundies Said About Investing

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Top female fund managers share their best investment advice, covering topics from balancing work and leisure to taking inspiration from Warren Buffett.

Market experts agree that the investing landscape has changed, and investors must take responsibility for their wealth creation.

On International Women’s Day last March 8, eight prominent female fund managers were interviewed and shared their best tips.

These powerhouse women were Kellie Wood from Schroders, Anita Costa from IFM Investors, Kate Howitt, Sophia Rahmani from Maple-Brown Abbott, and Sarah Shaw from 4D Infrastructure.

They were asked, “What’s your best investment advice for young investors?”

Here’s what they said:

Kate Howitt says, “Think long-term, adhere to your values and listen to Warren Buffett.”

Anita Costa, the active equities manager, suggests focusing on the people around you.

“It is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you, including your peers. While having a mentor in a different city to guide your career is helpful, your peers will also be with you throughout your life and can continue to inspire you.”

For investing, she advises focusing on the company’s management, including upper management, such as the CFO and middle management.

“Consider making decisions independently,” advised Sarah Shaw, a global portfolio manager and chief investment officer at 4D Infrastructure.

Sarah Shaw searches for high-grade stocks trading below their fair value. To accomplish this objective, she follows the inspiration of Coco Chanel, who once said, “The most daring thing is to speak out loud what you think independently.”

According to Kellie Wood, co-portfolio manager for fixed income at Schroders, it is advantageous to work with volatility rather than against it.

“Volatility is currently high in the economy, and it’s expected to remain so as central banks raise interest rates to control inflation. However, for investing success, it’s important to understand and utilise the benefits of volatility,” says Kellie Wood.

According to her, experiencing volatility is necessary to achieve substantial returns. Thus, it is crucial to comprehend the current macroeconomic setting and its impact on the financial markets.

She emphasises that investing is highly dependent on being in the appropriate investments during the proper economic cycle.

“Be with people willing to share their knowledge and time generously,” says Sophia Rahmani, chief executive at Maple-Brown Abbott. You can find such a group in your social network, industry community, or workplace.

“Having expertise is not necessary to gain insight. It is essential to create an environment where every idea and thought is valued for improving your cognitive processes in generating and assessing investment ideas,” she says.

These female fund managers are great minds who have taken on the challenge of investing and made it their own. With their guidance, investors everywhere can gain a deeper understanding of how to create wealth through investing.

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