Young Women in Leadership: The Untapped Potential for Corporate Success

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In a compelling demonstration of young women’s leadership power, Samantha Sakr’s remarkable journey from intern to Managing Director at age 26 at Taurus PR agency is making headlines. 

Her success underscores the significance of developing female leadership within companies for workforce success and enhanced profitability.

Sakr’s inspiring story began as an intern at Taurus PR agency in 2017, where she got a unique and practical experience through the TaurusAcademy© Internship. Under the mentorship of Sharon Williams, the Founder of Taurus, Sakr’s leadership style was nurtured, enabling her rapid growth within the organisation. 

Studies have shown that having a higher representation of young females in leadership positions leads to superior performance for businesses. According to McKinsey & Company’s research, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity in executive roles are 25% more likely to experience above-average profitability than their counterparts in the bottom quartile.

Embracing an age-diverse workforce that includes the perspectives of young female professionals represents untapped potential in Australia’s corporate culture. Companies prioritising diversity and inclusivity tend to foster innovation, creativity, and adaptability to changing market dynamics.

Companies should prioritise an employee’s genuine output and dedication to the business and customers to further unlock this potential rather than considering gender or age when making leadership decisions. Cultivating leadership based on merit and skills ensures that the best-suited individuals assume crucial roles, leading to a stronger and more effective organisation.

As Sakr continues to pave the way for young women in leadership, she offers valuable advice based on her experience. She emphasises the importance of trusting one’s instincts, learning from seasoned professionals, and persevering through challenges to become a compelling case study and inspire others.

Sakr’s journey is an example of the incredible contributions young women can make when given opportunities to lead. It serves as a call to action for more companies to foster an inclusive and empowering environment that allows diverse talent to flourish.

As the corporate landscape evolves, embracing the full potential of young female professionals will be crucial for sustained growth and success. By investing in developing young women as leaders, companies can tap into a wealth of talent and drive, ultimately propelling the workforce toward greater achievements.

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